Coordinator, Accounts & Tax Services


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Meet Gaby.

I am part of Asec Group since mid 2004. I remember that I arrived in a very hectic moment, with the presentation of the annual accounts and the quarterly taxes, many of my colleagues had their eyes glued to their desks and did not raise their heads!

In Asec Group, my main job activities include the supervision of the accounting procedures for the companies we manage & the preparation of the statements. I supervise my team and am always available to them for any doubts they may have in the accounting and tax department.

What I most enjoy of the day to day work environment is communicating with our clients in English, a language that I enjoy very much and can practice constantly.

I feel that my best contribution to my work is having positive attitude and tranquility in stressful moments.

The best advice I have been given is “Don’t admire who you are, admire who can achieve to be ”.