Online renewals for foreigners

Online renewals for foreigners

Online renewals for foreigners 

The Ministry of the Treasury and Public Administration Services, together with the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, is providing a new service for people through the electronic office of the State Secretariat for Public Administration Services.

The service enables online applications to be made for renewal of residence and work permits, including long-term residence permits.

Starting on 18 June, all those concerned can now use their e-certificate to make applications for long-term residence based on continuous legal residence of 5 years, renew temporary residence permits and salaried employment permits applied for by employers for foreign nationals who at the time of renewal remain in an employment relationship, as well as renew temporary residence permits and initial self-employment permits, provided that they are for the same employment activity. This platform will be capable of processing the large number of permits applied for by foreign nationals that are currently handled by the Ministry of the Treasury and Public Administration Services.

The project means that procedures related to foreigners in Spain are now covered by the electronic administration platform. This helps reduce waiting times at the Immigration Offices, as well as speeding up procedures and increasing their efficacy and efficiency.

The services offer advice and notification of the status of applications online and by text message, online payment of fees, and the chance to obtain the draft application for renewal online.

Overall, they make it possible to make progress in the implementation of electronic administration of immigration services for foreign nationals.

All this is possible thanks to the use of electronic administration services between ministries. The reports needed when dealing with applications (being up-to-date with payments to the tax office and the Social Security system, registration with the Social Security system, criminal records, exchange of information on visas, etc.) can now be transmitted between different offices electronically, without the need to be submitted by the citizen involved. This is a clear example of the government responding to the needs of foreign nationals, who form an extremely important group in our society today.

There have been many achievements in matters relating to immigration procedures which bring them increasingly closer towards a fully electronic administration. It is also worth highlighting the important milestone represented by the elimination of paper in the daily procedures at Immigration Offices, which is clearly reflected in a reduction in costs.

All these advances represent a considerable improvement in the cost of procedures, management of time by public employees and greater speed in dealing with individual cases.

This procedure forms part of the Government's goal of improving public administration through the use of technology, and thus giving a better service to people, saving costs and making public authorities more efficient.