NEWSLETTER - Measures COVID-19 (April '20)

NEWSLETTER - Measures COVID-19 (April '20)

Dear Clients/Collaborators,

The ASEC team keeps working in order to keep you informed and duly updated on the measures the Spanish Authorities are adopting to fight against this emergency situation, that regrettably we all are facing these days.

Therefore, we are delivering this informative summary, after the last announcements from the Government and the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, that we hope it will be useful.

We remain at your disposal for any doubts or clarifications you may require.

NEWSLETTER - April '20

The Spanish Government has approved new measures by means of Royal decrees in order to support employees, consumers, families and vulnerable groups in this sanitary crisis due to the COVID-19, already in force, and that will remain in effect until one month after the state of alarms ends.

Support for families, consumers, employees, self-employed and SMEs

Government measures approved

RDL 11/2020 (03/31/2020)

1.   Families, consumers and vulnerable groups (Read more)

2.   Self-employed and SMEs (Read more)

3.   Employees (Read more)

RDL 14/2020 (04/14/2020)

1.  Extension of the deadline for submission and payment of specific tax declarations and self-assessments (Read more)

Junta de Andaluciameasures approved

Also the Autonomous Community of Andalusia has approved an exceptional aid for self-employed and mutualists who work in essential services and have seen the business activity diminished. (Further information)

(Ref. Offical Spanish Gazette - Royal Decree-law 11/2020, of 31st March (BOE) & Royal Decree-law 14/2020, of 14th April (BOE)