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Wealth Tax is BACK

We were hearing it through the grapevine but it is now official; Decree Law number 13/2011 approved on Sept 16th 2011 modifies the previous Decree Law on Wealth Tax from 1991, restoring Wealth Tax

Pension changes in Spain

The Spanish government has approved new legislation related to the social security that will have several different effects, although the most notable will be with regard to the retirement age.

Benefits for employees

Each benefit is taxed differently in Spain, and in many instances, it is more cost effective to take benefits instead of cash, as a higher-rate taxpayer is liable for 43% tax on their income

Employment and Social Security Inspections

On the 17th of June, 2011 the Government approved the Project to modify the Law that governs Employment and Social Security Inspections.

Capital Gains Tax on Gibraltar companies

Capital Gains Tax in Spain on shares sold in a Gibraltar Company by its individual shareholders resident in UK for tax purposes, and whose only asset is a property in Spain.

Your Eyes in Southern Spain

Yeiss is you. A tailor made service that takes care of your needs in the same way you do when you are away and when you are here, helping you with anything that you may need

Time to Act. Re - domicile companies

In the 70s & 80s the ownership of a Spanish Property by a Gibraltar company was very popular. As many as 10,000 Gibraltar companies were set up for this purpose. But then in 1991 the Spanish Government introduced a new law so that offshore companies became liable to an annual special tax called the Gravamen Especial.

Are you an orphan policy holder?

We are finding that many of our clients have savings,investments and pension policies which were set up in the UK some time ago, where the relationship or contact with the adviser that arranged them has been lost.

Coming through...

New Tax Guide out

Government makes GOOD decisions

On the 03rd December, the Spanish Government adopted certain measures which hope to boost investments and create employment. We mention below the most interesting ones from a practical point of view

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