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Self employed; not too shabby

We are pleased to inform you that as from the 6th November a new Law came into force establishing a specific system of protection for the activity closure of the self-employed.

Inversis Bank

Nowadays everything changes and sometimes we stay beside as we do not know how to progress. Today looking beyond conventional banking we would like to present you a new type of financial institution: different, innovative and more importantly - independent.

Data Protection ... The gory details

The Spanish data protection legislation applies to companies and individuals who provide professional services of any nature, and covers everything from the initial setting up of the internal procedures designed to protect data of a sensitive (personal) nature, to the preparation of contracts and questionnaires for us on day to day matters; with the related IT security controls. If these measures are not implemented the Spanish Data protection Agency (DPA) can carry out inspections which could lead to substantial fines and penalties.

Criminal responsability in companies


On the 23 December Spain will activate changes to the penal code which includes, amongst others and for the first time in its history, an extension of criminality to companies.  The legislation is based on EU directives.


On the 1st September a new law came into force in Spain which has consequences for all Spanish companies.  This legislation comes about as a result of the government’s desire to consolidate and update all Company law, primarily to fall into line with EU regulations, but also in an attempt to bring together  disperse pieces of law. This is considered as a first step along the route to achieve the current government’s aim.

New Ruling for EU Residents

Due to the EU Court jurisprudences in relation to the discriminatory treaty between Spanish residents and non residents a new battle has been won.

The Spanish Government gets serious

The Government approved the new Plan to Prevent and Prosecute Tax, Labour and Social Security Fraud early this year. The objective is to prevent and prevail upon the submerged economy and on earnings not declared.

Transactions with related parties

Transactions with related parties have become “ the novelty” of the last Corporation Tax Presentation.

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