Audit & Assurance


"The ASEC team has been working with George P Johnson (UK) Limited for approximately 6 years. In addition to reviewing and submitting our monthly VAT Returns, ASEC provides valuable ad hoc advice which helps determine how we best adapt to the ever-changing range of European VAT regulations on our sales and purchases. ASEC have designated us an English speaking colleague, and we have found all the employees at ASEC approachable, and they always respond promptly to any query we have.

Julie Hawkins , George P. Johnson (UK) Ltd

An annual audit is not a statutory requirement for most companies. However, it providesan opportunity for a thorough, objective appraisal of the business by an independent expert. We have the required official registration to carry out the audit of any company, business or other entities in Spain.

Furthermore, we consider the audit process as the basis on which positive recommendations can be made to help you improve your efficiency and profitability. By taking an overall view of your business we are also able to identify areas of risk, both current and future. This is equally applicable to associations of communities of property owners, a very common type of entity in Spain, who need to maximise the efficiency of their common services.

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