Ana Ronco Dumas


Ana Ronco Dumas

Partner (Payroll & HR Project Lead)


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Meet Ana.

I am officially part of Asec Group since February 2007 but I have been a part of it since I was a child.

In Asec Group, my main job activity as the PR person for the firm is to promote our services. You will see me at networking actions, association meetings, conferences as well as client events. I manage the corporate image for the firm (which has very recently been revamped) and handle the different campaigns throughout the year. I am the firms Community Manager, being in charge of our appearance on social media. I am also involved in our relationships with the different organizations we are part of such as IAPA, UK200Group, CIT & British Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

On a different spectrum I like to keep the group bonded, therefore I organize the team building & office events.

What I most enjoy of the day to day is the work environment and the great atmosphere and relationship between colleagues. That is something essential for the well being of the team and we are proud to call ourselves colleagues and friends.

I feel that my best contributions to my work are my organization skills, being the activity I most enjoy.

The best advice I have been given is from my father who once said “Think, believe, dream and try. Bravery is the art of turning dreams into reality”.