Juan Carlos





Meet Juan.

I began Asec Group on 1st of March 1980, day in which I went into the professional world at the young age of 26 and with two small daughters. It wasn’t an easy decision; I had very little experience working on my own but 3 or 4 clients who I had at the time and whose tax affairs I handled in the afternoons, encouraged me. But the greatest encouragement was my enterprising spirit and the ambitions of a young man who wanted to succeed.

As Managing Partner I tend to see myself as the father of the Asec family. I worry about the wellbeing of each employee; if they are happy within the firm as people, if they enjoy the hours they spend in the office.

What I most enjoy of the day to day is the human relations with all the people with whom I am contact every day.

I feel that my best contribution to my work is to support each and every person with whom I am in contact (clients, business partners, employees..etc)

The best advice I have been given is to never loose faith.