Associate, Payroll & Human Resources


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Meet Luisa


I am part of Asec Group since October 2000 and as from September 2010 I am an Associate of the firm. 

In Asec Group, my main job activities are the management and control of the Payroll Department. This entails studying each case in detail in order to provide full payroll and human resources advice to clients and future prospects, informing clients on all the requirements of employing personnel, advising on the different hiring options and the costs involved for the company. Full advice on matters such as grants, subsidies, dismissals, incapacity pensions, and retirements.

What I most enjoy of the day to day work environment is the professional relationship with our clients.


I feel that my best contribution to my work is my team spirit and my professional support within my team.


The best advice I have been given is “to reach the goals in your life, trust in yourself and you shall succeed”, which is something my father would say to me.