Partner (Accounts & Tax Services Lead)


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Meet Maria.

My beginnings with Asec Group go back to 1988 when I had just finished my business studies at the University of Malaga. It was then when I was lucky enough to find a firm that believed and bet on young graduates who had just finalized their studies and were eager to join the professional world. We could only offer our technical knowledge as we had barely any experience in the business markets. Since then, I have grown and learnt professionally at Asec Group, and my working experience has been within its walls.

As from 2002 I became partner in the firm.

In Asec Group, my job activities are strongly connected to the accounting and tax areas, and regularly liaise with my colleagues in the payroll and financial departments providing them with the necessary support they might require.

What I most enjoy of the day to day are the fiscal matters which I have always been passionate about. I am greatly involved in the different tax issues I handle, trying to make them my own by understanding and investigating every aspect of them and therefore creating a strong relationship with the client as well as getting to them from a business point of view.

As a result, I try to offer tailor-made packages to suit every persons needs.

I feel that my best contribution to my work is that I strongly believe in team work and professional training. I very much enjoy working closely with my colleagues, sharing my experiences and knowledge but at the same time listening to their concerns and learn from them.

I am very demanding with myself especially with the services offered to clients. I try to give solutions to problems and I do not like leaving for tomorrow what I can do today.

The best advice I have been given is “the great achievements are not tied exclusively to high IQs but to values as perseverance and tenacity .