Coordinator, Data Protection & Other Services


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Meet Vicente.

I am part of Asec Group since November 2003. I remember it as if where yesterday, I was so nervous!

In Asec Group, my job activities are providing professional advice and audits on the internal procedures of companies, branches etc such as data protection aspects, prevention of money laundering, cost reduction projects, resource optimization and modernization.

What I most enjoy of the day to day work is CREATING as not everything is invented in the business world. Because of the type of advice I provide, I am obliged to be kept up to date with the new technologies, new working systems and new opportunities… basically, innovation.

I feel that my best contribution to my work is my experience and also an open mind with an analytical attitude.

I find that every small detail can be slightly better, as a chain is as strong as each of its links.

The best advice I have been given is "no do let the trees stop you from seeing the forest”