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Amendment of the General Taxation Law (RD-Law 22/2020)

Some days ago, it was published in the RD-Law 22/2020 dated 16th June, the amendment of the General Taxation Law (GTL) to allow to carry out tax inspections through digital systems, due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The first final provision of Law in the mentioned RD-lax, amends two Articles of the GTL.

Law 58/2003 of 27th December,…

Obligation of the Bank entities to report to the Tax Agency

Beyond the regular annual communications, the Law establishes that banking entities must inform the Tax Agency, when some type of transactions are made; Measures being implemented in relation to the fight against fiscal fraud and the prevention of money laundering, that are constantly being monitored by the Spanish Tax Authorities.

The total amount of the…

Social Security Contribution Exemptions for self-employed (RDL 24/2020)

Support measures for self-employed workers

Article 8. Exemption on the contributions for self-employed workers who have received the supplementary allowance for cessation of activity during the state of alarm declared by Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14th March.

NEWSLETTER - Measures COVID-19 (April '20)

Latest announcements from the Government and the Autonomous Community of Andalusia - Support for families, consumers, employees, self-employed and SMEs


After the declaration of the state of alarm, last 14th March, adopted to handle the health crisis caused by COVID-19; the Spanish Government, in relation to the limitation of the citizens’ mobility in order to stop the progress of the virus, approved new measures that took effect immediately after its publication in the Official State Bulletin (BOE) of 29th March


Supplementary allowance for self-employed.


The 14 most relevant measures of the emergency plan

SWEDEN applies tax deductions for properties abroad

SWEDEN applies tax deductions to the repairs and maintenance work (ROT) and labour costs (RUT) performed in their properties abroad.

Payments in cash: limits, means and supporting documents

Payments in cash have a number of limits established by the Spanish Tax Office.

Spanish Inheritance Tax

Equal rights of the Non-residents extra EU and EEA to the Non-residents of the EU and the EEA in relation to the Spanish Inheritance Tax (IHT)

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