Tax payments deferrals for SMES and self-employed

Tax payments deferrals for SMES and self-employed

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Tax Payments Deferrals for SMES and self-employed

Entities with a volume of operations not exceeding €6.010.121,04 in 2020 and SMEs and self-employed workers may defer the payment of the tax debts related to all declaration-assessments or self- assessments, which submission or payment deadline is within 1st April to 30th April 2021, both inclusive. That is, the tax debts corresponding to the first quarter of 2021 and for a maximum total amount of € 30,000. In the event that you already have previous deferred debts, you may apply for this deferral only up to the total limit of the said sum.

The following tax debts may be deferred:

  • Withholdings and payments on account.
  • Recoverable taxes, such as VAT.
  • Instalment payments.

Tax deferment conditions:

  • The deferral will be for six months.
  • No interests will accrue for the first four months of the deferral.