Account & Compliance Services

Outsourced Accounting Services in Spain

We provide outsourced book keeping and accounting services for companies doing business in Spain that includes all necessary tax compliance work.

These services are run in conjunction with and under the supervision of our taxation experts, in order to ensure that the results obtained are of the maximum benefit to our clients. The effectiveness of this solution is based on a permanent feedback between our team and the client.

Taking into account our clients’ requirements we record all the financial information received in order to prepare a full report. Furthermore, a monthly meeting, if possible, takes place for the client to transfer all the documents that need to be processed. Special emphasis is placed on those issues that have occurred during the previous month.

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“ASEC have looked after my affairs and prepared the accounts for companies in which I am or have been involved since 1982. For professionalism, efficiency and dedication thereis no accountancy firm to equal ASEC on the Costa del Sol. Their staff take great pride in their work and always go out of their way to be as helpful as possible.”

James Stewart, James Stewart in association with Savills


Tax Authorities

Preparation, presentation and payment of all taxes.

On Shore Tax advice

This solution is focused for both private and corporate clients and includes the following services:

  • Preparation and presentation of all Tax Returns to do with your business or company, ensuring that the taxation charges are correct.
  • The design and implementation of optimum corporate structures.
  • Compliance of Tax duties.
  • Involvement in Official Tax Audits.
  • Tax representation.
  • Tax reviews.

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