“Having been a customer of Asec for the last nine years, they really have become our third emergency service, guiding us through all the irritating and intricate business problems that arise, and keeping us on the correct financial paths in times of crisis....... well done and a big thank you from all at Factotem Marbella SL.”

David Fischer, Yanx Restaurant

Salary Management, Employment Contracts & Employment advise

Our specialized department looks after the payroll of our many business clients. We offer a fully integrated service and cater for all sizes of businesses. In conjunction with external legal experts, we can also advise on work permits, we take care of the sensitive matters such as labour contracts with the assistance of our legal team, disputes, and other staff associated problems.

The burdens on small and medium enterprises have increased over the years, and compliance with numerous PAYE regulations adds to these. Businesses, unless they are geared to dealing with changing legislation, face new penalties. Employers may save time by computerizing the payroll function, but this still means that within the organization someone must be familiar not only with the inevitable changes to legislation but also with the operation of the payroll program.

The payroll function is one that can be easily separated from your other accounting activities and it can be operated for you by our specialist department quickly and efficiently.

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