Technological Consultancy and Resource Optimization


Technological Consultancy in Spain

The evolution of technology, the need to reduce costs and optimize resources within a firm has contributed to companies needing the aid and the advice of specialized and experienced consultants. These consultants need to have a whole raft of specific skills in organization and resource management with experience in larger corporations. 

SMEs can access technological consultancy services that can help to reduce costs and take decisions in relation to purchases or investments adapted to each need and capacity. 

Having gained experience over the last 30 years in the field, Asec Group is a firm that is constantly learning, growing and improving itself along with keeping up with the technological era. Furthermore, we have the necessary alliances with prime providers in many sectors assuring you the best product, at the best price. 

We offer the following range of technological services...

  • Analysis and optimization of the technological situation of the company; making decisions on the IT structure, servers, networks, etc.
  • Telephone operator management and administration. We ensure that you have the best service adapted to your needs and at the best market price.
  • Software Consultancy. Internal administration software, general management software, file system enhancing a paperless office.
  • Building and repair work projects.
  • Opening licenses and permits.
  • Financial products offer and subsidy investigation.
  • Property sale and rental assistance.

You should dedicate yourself to your company and let a technological consultant search and negotiate the best opportunities that the market has for you. 

Looking for technological consultancy services in Spain? Contact us and find out what Asec have to offer.