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You will agree that if you have adequately trained staff in your company, it will benefit in providing better results at the end.

Primarily because it will improve the productivity and the qualifications of your staff, and secondly because it will be well received within the work place as training is perceived as an added value, an extra bonus for the employee.

BUT, are you aware that you can benefit from social security payments to compensate the training costs within your Spanish company? The majority of companies have a certain amount of credits from the Social Security which are designated for training purposes.

By organizing training (normally on an online basis although there are other systems) from a specialized provider, the cost of the training session can be deducted from the social security contribution of the following month and therefore the training costs would be compensated with credits, costing 0€.

Asec Group provides prime services to its clients and offers a fully integrated online training catalogue which includes a large variety of courses in the different sectors; and will also handle the credit payment for you.

Call us or send us an email if you are interested in receiving more information. It doesn’t matter whether you have one employee or a larger group, we can help you select the appropriate training.

It is the first step in improving your business at 0€ cost.